Aims & Objectives

The School prepares the students for All India Primary Examination . The chief aim of the school is the all-round development of the personality of the students, be it physical, intellectual, moral, social or spiritual. By providing a stimulating environment, we enable the students to discover their true potential and develop an inquisitive mind. The aims and objectives are as follows:
1. To ensure the existence and promotion of an ethos that delivers social justice through mutual respect and tolerance of, and for each other, leading to self-enrichment gained from understanding differences embraced within our community.

2. To provide an opportunity for every student to acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that will prepare them for their chosen path into, and through adult life, able to accept fully that every right has, in equal measure, an associated responsibility.
3. To promote creativity, flair, imagination and expression within the curriculum and beyond, in such a way as to encourage every member of the school community to explore their potential in a motivated and responsive manner.
4. To enhance the quality of teaching and learning using innovative practices and leading-edge technology.

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